Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation

About us

The Commercial Diplomacy Chamber with the Swiss Confederation (CDC with the Swiss Confederation) is a non-governmental, apolitical and independent, public benefit organization that addresses both individuals and private and public legal entities.

  • Non-Governmental Organization: Political and independent, open to individuals and legal entities.
  • Representation and Advocacy: Advocacy before the Government of Romania and international authorities for the interests of its members.
  • Promoting the Economy: Encourage investment, intellectual property, research and tourism.
  • Business Facilitation: Assists in business networking and resolution of commercial disputes.
  • Consultancy and Information: Provides business information and advice to entrepreneurs.
  • Globalization and Market Economy: Adapts to the demands of the global economy, including anti-corruption legislation and competition policies.

The Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation represents its members in general matters, towards the Government of Romania and the national central authorities, as well as towards other governments and authorities on a regional and international level, supporting and defending Romania’s national interest from a commercial-economic perspective and the business community.

The organization aims to promote and develop relations regarding internal or external investments, intellectual property, research and technological progress, tourism, consumer protection, health, telecommunications, competition policies, active and national corruption prevention legislation, business facilitation including through commercial missions, business networking, problem solving and dispute resolution assistance, partner search and negotiation, capturing and disseminating commercial information, organizing export promotion events, advising entrepreneurs in resolving creditor issues, resolving commercial disputes or of access to different markets, bringing together partners from a country of origin with those from our country, etc., in accordance with the demands and requirements of the market economy and globalization.