The Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation is a non-governmental organization established to support and develop bilateral economic relations through commercial diplomacy from the perspective of the public-private partnership between Romania and the Swiss Confederation.

The Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation fully respects Romanian and international legislation in the matter and assumes the role of initiating and organizing relations with governmental and non-governmental entities, in the national economic interest of the two countries.


Business consultancy services, legal advice in the field of tax, commercial and civil law, legal representation before the courts.


We contribute to the development of bilateral trade relations by implementing and developing the concept of economic and trade diplomacy.


Business meetings, documentary visits, debates and round tables, which aim to identify concrete opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

About Us

We support excellence, performance and best practices

We promote international trade and business conduct

We promote international trade and business conduct

Through a unique mix of strategies and solutions, we promote international trade and responsible business conduct consistent with the demands and requirements of the market economy and globalization.

Anyone can become a member

Anyone can become a member

Membership is open to any natural or legal person interested in economic relations between Switzerland and Romania.


The activity of the Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation consists of:

Initiating, cultivating and maintaining dialogue and business relations in the two countries

Inter-partnership information on legislation on trade and economic relations

Interactive promotion of business opportunities between stakeholders

Realization of an interactive program of fairs and exhibitions in the two countries

Preparation of analysis and synthesis materials following the study of international business market trends, in order to maintain a constant pace in the process of regional and global economic integration

Development of relations with the authorities of the two states identified with attributions in the field of foreign trade, international economic relations and business environment

Providing specialist advice to all institutions and companies, with a view to concluding commercial and cooperation transactions, including in third markets

Supporting the process of monitoring bilateral trade and economic relations, by applying the concept of complementarity, in relation to state authorities

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Chamber of Commercial Diplomacy with the Swiss Confederation

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