Călin Mihai Rangu

Călin Mihai Rangu is double licensed in economics and engineering, PhD in neural networks applied in financial series processing, MBA graduate in banking and finance, University Lector, MBA Lector.

He has been working in the financial-banking field for over 25 years, being for 13 years director of the National Bank of Romania and Raiffeisen Bank, general manager of the Romanian branch of an international group, 8 years director of the Financial Supervision Authority 5 years president of the Institute de Studii Financiare, 4 years vice-president of EIOPA InsurTech Task Force, 7 years president of the advisory group in the field of consumer protection of non-bank financial products, being a member of several boards in the economic, educational or financial field. 

He is currently the director of the Resolution Department within the Insurance Guarantee Fund. He is the co-founder of the CIO COUNCIL Romania association. Călin Mihai Rangu has vast experience in management, financial-banking activities, IT&C, FinTech, operational risks, consumer protection, services, IT and financial products and technologies.